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Software Development Engineer in Audible, Inc Apr / 2014 - Present

My current job

Parent-Child Kinship Verification Throught Transfer Subspace Learning Sep / 2012 - Jan / 2014

My master's project with machine learning and facial image processing.

Simulink Development Intern in The Mathworks, Inc Aug / 0 - Present

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System Design for Super-Resolution Application Apr / 0 - Present

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Study of Subset-Sum Problem Jan / 2012 - May / 2012

Develop several benchmarks to evaluate different algorithms for solving Subset-Sum problem. Implement and test LP, ILP, Greedy, Exhaustive, Steepest Descent, and Tabu Search algorithms, using C++ and AMPL.

The implementation of Operating Systems May / 0 - Present

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System Engineering Institute in XJTU May / 0 - Present

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Gear Dimension Measurement Application in XJTU Sep / 2010 - Oct / 2010

Use C and OpenCV to develop an application that calculates the inner and outer diameter of gears’ pictures captured by camera. Adopted by a project of Automation Control Institute in XJTU.

Smart model car for Freescale Cup Sep / 2009 - Jan / 2010

Design and welding of hardware circuits and programming the MCU using C and assembly languages. Enable smart cars to track predetermined black lines based on real-time video capture.


Northeastern University (NEU)
09.2011 - 01.2014 | Boston, U.S
Master of Science in Computer Engineering
Academic info

Xi'an Jiaotong University (XJTU)
08.2007 - 07.2011 | Xi'an, China

Bachelor of Engineering in Automation Engineering


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